I discovered a love for making pictures when I was a small child. My passion for fairy tales, and later on studies in mythology, poetry and ancient folklore all informed my development and role as an artist. Fascinated by human behavior, I have always delved beneath the surface to gain an understanding of the deeper patterns and forces that motivate human activity. Today, I continue to pursue all aspects of story telling in my visual work, as well as in my multimedia productions in which I weave film, dance, drama, music and poetry into symbolic and metaphorical narratives. Most recently, I have been studying Byzantine drawing with Master Iconographer and painter, Giorgos Kordis, as well as continuing my chosen mediums of painting, film and multimedia.

Multi-media performance collaborations website: www.kathrynoliverandkristiwilliamsoncollaborations.com

You can also see my work at Harbor Square Gallery in Rockland 

Please visit my You Tube channel  for more films.

And my news page for upcoming events.